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The Unspoken Battle of Self-Censorship.

BuSSy är ett scenkonstprojekt som dokumenterar och ger röst åt dolda och censurerade berättelser i det egyptiska samhället. De har berättat historier från revolutionen i Tahrir Monologues och i ett flertal föreställningar sysslat med frågor kring kön, sexualitet och trakasserier. Ett samtal om deras erfarenheter kring att arbeta med teater i Egypten.

Åsa Lindholm samtalar med den konstnärliga ledaren Sondos Shabayek samt några av gruppens storytellers.

Till The BuSSy Projects hemsida

The BuSSy Story

In 2006, two American University of Cairo [AUC] students began directing a performance using stories of Egyptian women about their memories and experiences of womanhood. The monologues, which were by women, for women, exposed real women’s stories and provided a space for free expression on issues that society often failed to address. Thus began The BuSSy Project.

The monologue performances allow women to write for themselves instead of being written about. We are not professional artists; we are a group of passionate, enthusiastic youth with strong faith in the value and impact of the project.

In 2010, BuSSy transitioned from a university-affiliated group to an independent theater project holding a number of performances on stages all over Egypt. Over time, BuSSy performances began incorporating stories from both women and men; and today, the project extends beyond “women’s issues” as BuSSy now aims to tackle the complexity of gender issues from the perspectives of both women and men.

Our stories reflect the reality that we, as young Egyptian women and men, are living with regards to social issues that are experienced by all members of society, irrespective of class and background. We aim, through our performances, to reach the public directly, and expose the reality which society ignores, while also creating new opportunities for dialogue and awareness of many different important issues.

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